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About us

Davida is a high quality cashmere brand founded in 2009 by two brothers, Max & Kristian Holm. It carries the name of the founders’ great grandmother; Davida. She lived by the aphorism “Simplicity is beautiful”, a saying that lives on within the brand and is reflected in its Scandinavian essence.

With the intention to deliver long-lasting cashmere pieces from generation to generation, our collections serve an authentic purpose to the conscious Davida individual. Embracing a niche of simplicity and contemporary curiosity, the pieces are made with an aim to maximize the life cycle through proper care. Davida is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.

Davida is one of Scandinavia's leading cashmere brands with collections for both women and men. Through careful production and working only with high-quality cashmere, Davida creates products that last over time.