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Our production

Producing cashmere is true craftsmanship, and it takes a long time to produce a garment. You can read about the different stages of production below. Davida's cashmere is produced in Inner Mongolia, where we've been working with the same supplier for over 10 years. We visit our suppliers regularly to ensure good working conditions and animal husbandry.


Before the summer heat arrives, the freely grazing cashmere goats are brought in from the grasslands to be trimmed. At our suppliers, the goats are trimmed or cut as it is a process that goes faster than combing. Shortening the wool collecting process reduces stress for the goats, and the process can be likened to sheep getting a wool trim.


The cashmere wool is then sent for washing and cleaned of dirt that has stuck during the long winter.


Once the wool is clean, the long fibres are separated from the shorter ones. In Davida's garments, only the long fibres are used, as they are both softer, maintain a higher quality and reduces the risk of pilling.


The wool is dyed to the desired colour in large dye baths. Cashmere is naturally beige, white or light brown in colour. That means lighter shades require less dye as the colour scale is closer to uncoloured wool. For this reason, coloured cashmere in lighter shades can be perceived as softer than garments in black and darker tones.


After dyeing, the wool is spun into yarn and stored on the large yarn rolls from which garments are made. 


The garments are now ready to be knitted. The knitting is done via special knitting machines and the parts of the garments (eg; front piece, back piece and sleeves) are knitted separately, piece by piece.


It's then time for the knitted pieces to be linked together. This process requires experience, high concentration and time because each stitch must be linked together by hand.  A true craft!

Washing & packing

When the garment is fully assembled, it's washed and ironed with a steamer before a neck label, care label and size label are sewn on. The garments are then sent to us, and finally, home to our customers.

Davida is one of Scandinavia's leading cashmere brands with collections for both women and men. Through careful production and working only with high-quality cashmere, Davida creates products that last over time.